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HCB 719

Clara Bow

HCB 719

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Clara Bow was the "It" Girl.  Born in 1905, Bow endured a difficult and poverty-stricken childhood in Brooklyn, NY, but in 1927, she exploded off the silent screen in the film, IT.  Her classic performance as a salesgirl created on the screen's most memorable characters.  She went on to become the classic "Flapper Girl".  At the height of her popularity, she received 45,000 fan letters per week.  Sadly, with the advent of sound, Ms. Bow's strong Brooklyn accent was no help to her and her career began to slide....though she had wonderful taste in jewelry!

Product:  A Rhodium over alloy link bracelet featuring 25 clear rectangular CZ diamonds, each flanked by 4 small clear CZ's.  This bracelet is available in 6.5" and 7.5" lengths.